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Telemarketer Information

      The Telemarketer Restriction Act requires the Attorney General to establish and maintain, by January 1, 2003, a statewide registry of consumers who do not wish to receive unsolicited telemarketing sales calls. If you are a telemarketer doing business in the state of Oklahoma, you must obtain access to the Telemarketer Restriction Act Consumer Registry, unless you fall into one of the exceptions. The exceptions include solicitations for charitable and religious groups, solicitations for political candidates and causes, solicitations for nonprofit organizations, and solicitations from businesses with whom a consumer has an established business relationship. For more information about these exceptions, please refer to the Telemarketer Restriction Act.

To obtain access to the Telemarketer Restriction Act Consumer Registry, a telemarketer must submit to the Attorney General a fully completed Telemarketer Request for Registry Access Form; executed confidentiality agreement; and check for the appropriate fee made payable to the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office. Fees for access to the registry are $150.00 per quarter or $600.00 per year.

For more information concerning the Attorney General’s Telemarketer Restriction Act Consumer Registry, including penalties for failure to comply, please refer to the Attorney General Rules for the Telemarketer Restriction Act, which are available on this website for your convenience.

Please be advised that there are additional laws which telemarketers doing business in Oklahoma must comply with. These laws include limitations on the use of automatic dial announcing devices and the Commercial Telephone Solicitation Act. The Commercial Telephone Solicitation Act requires non-exempt telemarketers to register with the Attorney General, submit a registration fee, and bond. These laws and the necessary forms are also available on this website.


-The Telemarketer Restriction Act

-The AG Rules for the Telemarketer Restriction Act

-Telemarketer Request for Registry Access Form

-Confidentiality Agreement

-Commercial Telephone Solicitation Act

-Telemarketer Registration Form

-Commercial Telephone Seller Bond

-Auto-dial statute

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